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Over 130 years of real estate experience.

“Vintage Real Estate Investment Fund, LLC pursues opportunities in the development and investment of retail, office and mixed-use projects in the Southeast U.S. either directly or through strategic joint ventures.  We also pursue strategic equity investments when the financial returns are compelling enough (such as the acquisition of loans and loan pools), as well as when the investment will likely lead to a meaningful new direct investment or direct development opportunity.”

Vintage Real Estate Investment Fund (“Vintage”) is the inaugural initiative of four (4) seasoned and cycle tested principals with a combined real estate experience of over 130 years. Together they combine an in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry.

Vintage is an investment program that offers qualified investors the potential for an ongoing quarterly cash flow return, in addition to the potential of capital appreciation from the ownership of properties.  Vintage invests in institutional quality commercial real estate, notes secured by commercial real estate, as well as opportunistic and development initiatives located within the U.S., however, the primary overall geographic focus will be properties situated in the Southeast U.S.

We will typically joint venture on most acquisitions and development projects with institutional capital partners and when applicable, leading real estate developers that specialize in the fund’s targeted asset classes.  In addition to mitigating risk, the fund’s collaborative relationship with joint venture partners will enable the Fund to benefit and leverage off of region-specific development expertise, unique tenant relationships and off-market opportunities via the expanded “co-investor” and / or “joint venture partner” networks and additionally benefiting from discounted acquisition and project costs.

Due to the diversity of the risk profiles, Vintage is in position to take advantage of properties characterized by steady, credit enhanced cash flow of investment grade tenancy with long-term leases (i.e. “core” acquisitions), yet have the flexibility of enhanced returns from both a cash-on-cash return and IRR perspective, by investing in “core-plus” acquisitions, loan and loan pool acquisitions, and development projects.

Our Vintage investment team and principals have extensive experience in a series of non-performing loans acquisitions well in excess of $1 billion.